From oil rig to boardroom: Mastercard’s vice-chair Ann Cairns on her extraordinary rise to success

Mastercard vice-chairman Ann Cairns (right) on the ‘Global Change Agents with Lianna Brinded’ show. Photo: Yahoo Finance UK

From the North Sea to the boardroom at Mastercard Intl. Great interview with Ann Cairns, the first woman to work offshore in the UK, and now the Vice Chairperson of Mastercard Intl. I had the privilege of interviewing Ann for Breaking the GAS Ceiling. “As someone who was at the forefront of women gaining entrance into the oil and gas industry and then utilized those skills to transition to a completely different sector, Ann advises young women to acquire a wide range of skills, particularly ones that can’t easily be automated, and not to be afraid to step outside their comfort zone, and even make career changes without worrying about climbing the corporate ladder. She believes the right way to think of the ladder is as a long extended journey of one’s life and to be open to as many experiences as possible” (page 64). Good advice for anyone – women or men! I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience Ann has to share, and the fact that she’s always willing to do so.  Read the full story

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