Investor Magic Johnson Teams With Founder Jessica O. Matthews To Join Uncharted Power Board

by Rebecca Ponton, Forbes contributor

Jessica O. Matthews, founder, Uncharted Power

“I always wanted to be the love-child of Beyoncé and Bill Nye the Science Guy,” Jessica O. Matthews says with a laugh. “That’s the perfect embodiment of hard work, looking good, but also the science – the belief and interest. Bill Nye the Science Guy made magic real, and the more accessible [science] is, the greater chance we have at living in a better world. We need to empower more people to engage with topics that seem out of reach.”

As a child, Matthews always enjoyed “tinkering” and inventing things. The first commercial invention by the Harvard-educated CEO of Uncharted Power, who has a both a bachelor’s in psychology and economics and an MBA from the school, was a soccer ball she, along with three college classmates, created for an engineering class. After 30 minutes of play, the ball generates enough energy to power a small, attachable LED light for three hours.

Born in New York, Matthews, 32, is a dual national, holding both American and Nigerian citizenship. She was motivated to create SOCCKET after attending an aunt’s wedding in Nigeria, which was disrupted by a power outage, and seeing how people – including two cousins, who are engineers – simply accept such things as a fact of life. (Matthews says, “And that’s a global issue.”)

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