Oil & Gas 4.0: Breaking The Gas Ceiling

By Rebecca Ponton

The oil and gas industry is entering a new, technologically advanced era defined by digital transformation. In order to meet the myriad challenges of this era, the industry must finally confront its longstanding lack of women’s representation. Boosting female participation in oil and gas workforces, where estimates suggest as few as 1 in 5 workers is a woman (one of the lowest levels of any major industry), will require innovative thinking and a commitment to creative initiatives.

Technological change is reshaping the oil and gas industry before our eyes. Between 2018 and 2022, the share of work performed by humans communicating and interacting with others or performing physical and manual work is predicted to decline. During the same time frame, complex and technical work is expected to increase by 8%….

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(Rebecca Ponton is a writer, journalist and qualified petroleum landman. She is the author of “Breaking the Gas Ceiling: Women in Offshore Oil and Gas”, a book highlighting women’s contributions to the offshore oil and gas industry.)

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