The Alexandria Code

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An Isabella Carter Adventure
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UPC: 978-1-61599-783-1
Brand: Modern History Press
Binding: Paperback
Audiobook: iTunes,
Edition: 1st
Author: Mikel B. Classen
Pages: 220
Publication Date: 11/01/2023

Isabella Carter is an archaeologist who is on the brink of a discovery about how some ancient artifacts could change the future destiny of mankind. Unfortunately, there are evil forces led by the mysterious billionaire Lazarus Fane who are hellbent on suppressing and destroying the knowledge of the ancients.

Can Dr. Carter, her grad students, and reluctant adventurer Aiden McKenzie recover and decipher the Alexandria Code before the massive manhunt closes in? Join her on a trek that leads from Sault Ste Marie to South America!

"Isabella Carter is a woman with a mission, she's equally at home with an automatic pistol as she is at an archeological dig and her resolve will be tested at every turn. Move over Indiana Jones, there's a new scientist/action-hero who is uncovering and solving mysteries of the ancient world. Through it all, she's also discovering her shamanic story that began in the jungles of South America." --Victor R. Volkman, Superior Reads

Mikel B. Classen has been writing and photographing northern Michigan in newspapers and magazines for forty years, creating feature articles about the life and culture of Michigan's north country. A journalist, historian, photographer and author with a fascination of the world around him, he enjoys researching and writing about lost stories from the past
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